My Sovereign, O Woman, My Maiden

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Found women’s jeans from migrant attempting to cross the U.S. border, commercial white canvas, QR code link to
imagery online
When I imagine the plight of the woman who owned the jeans that were found at the border, I can never fully understand
her life – her concerns, her motivations for her migration to the U.S. I have this irrational notion that I’ve “rescued” this
object – that rescue somehow transferring my compassion for this imagined young maiden. There is discomfort for me in
the very use of her clothing, not to mention the fact that I’ve disintegrated her jeans into tiny fragments to suit my own
purposes. I’ve violated her in some ways, but still, I’ve gone ahead and done so, forcing the bits of her clothing to intermix
with my own white cloth fragments to create a new blended cloth, a cloth that I imagine – but not one that she ever did.