Call for Submissions: Phoenix+


Modified Arts presents Phoenix+, a social-curated group exhibition of works from Phoenix and beyond. Phoenix+ is based upon current internet search trends which give higher ranking to web pages that are recommended by others. Phoenix+ applies a similar method of validation to works of art, asking artists, curators, and anyone who supports the art community to recommend another artist’s work for this exhibition.

Here’s how it works: Submit the work of an artist you would like to be included in the exhibition. All media is accepted, including photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, video, and audio. Work must be ready for presentation. Please submit only one work from the artist you recommend.

Delivery of work: Artist or submitting party must deliver or ship artwork to gallery. Artwork that is shipped must have return shipping paid in full. Delivery date(s) will be announced two weeks prior to opening.

Please note: Submission of work does not guarantee acceptance into the Phoenix+ exhibition. Work may be rejected depending on number of submissions, available space, and content considered to be inappropriate. 

Email the following by Feb. 10, 2012 to

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions are closed for this exhibition.

Name of Artist

Artist Location

Title of Work

Media, Size, Date Completed

Retail Price (if available to purchase)

[ Please attach a .jpg image no larger than 1200px (250k) ]