Email to purchase. $1950.00 Found charred wood, Purchased carved wooden hand grenade – artist unknown, New Mexican Churro wool-hand felted ,
New Mexican dried hot peppers , Found wood slice, Cotton cording
There were 8 forest fires raging in New Mexico during our time there. At times, we had feared our camp spots might be
overwhelmed with smoke. We had decided to drive up an ancient caldera and around the rim only to find out that the
southern route was blocked by fires. So we headed up through Los Alamos, the birthplace of the Atomic Bomb, to take a
northern route, Forest Road 144. A spectacular drive, we could see the live fire across the caldera, but we also drove
through areas devasted by past fires. “Fire” relates this drive, and uses a piece of charred wood found there. It also
combines a carved hand grenade (purchased at a roadside curio shop), New Mexican churro wool, and red chili peppers
from Chimayo. This work speaks to the dangerous precipice on which we find ourselves – the brink of nuclear conflict, or
the potential devastation caused by climate change.