Spatial Blanks


Ryan Parra – Vivarium Foras + Emily Ritter – Polyflora

Varieties of the Illustrative Experience

“(un)Familiar Faces” Sebastiao Pereira

redux: Sarah Hubbs/Will Bruder

It’s Only Natural

“To Live Without Borders” – Curated by Andrew Caruso

“Mixed/Internal” – Kenosha Drucker, Megan Koth, Josh Loeser

“Intensity (Not) Purity” – Samantha Rodriguez + Nicholas Gutierrez

“Respite.” – A Group Show

Karolina Sussland + Ryan “Buzzy” Sullivan

Molly Koehn + Crystal Gale Phelps

Lisa Von Hoffner + Travis Rice

“Further Still” John Adelman + “Words Are Meaningless” John Randall Nelson

“Maybe Tomorrow, Darling” – A Group Exhibition Curated by Kara Roschi

“Young Mothers” – A BFA Thesis Exhibition by Amanda Mollindo