Modified Arts is proud to present the work of Geoffrey Gersten, an American Surrealist. Though he is a
Phoenix native, his paintings often draw from rural, Midwestern themes. Gersten’s work is approachable
and new, often taking familiar settings and pushing them further to create tension in imagery and prompt
self-reflection. He has a rare gift for creating depth within his work, often leaving viewers haunted by a
more complex story beyond his blissful surface characters.

“The Days We Left Behind” is a solo exhibition featuring 13 of Gersten’s original works.

The exhibit focuses on the chaos and spontaneous upheaval that accompany personal and societal conflict. The included works draw inspiration from iconic events in American history with details of the World Wars, the atomic bomb, and even President Obama. The work elegantly layers tumultuous settings with the internal struggles of its characters and masterfully juxtaposes images of childhood serenity and war. The power of this exhibit stems from the delicate combination of beauty, destruction, and hope… seemingly disparate themes forming an intrigue that is uniquely Gersten.

The exhibition opens Third Friday February 15th and will hang thru March 9th
Art Detour: March 2 and 3, 2013