New Works from Jonathan Howard

Opening reception Third Friday, October 18, 6-9pm
October 18-November 9

Closing reception First Friday, November 1, 6-10pm

1. of, relating to, or limited by time.
2. of or relating to the material world; worldly.
3. lasting only for a time; not eternal; passing: our temporal existence.

The Temporal exhibit contains two different bodies of work that address the same conceptual theme of the quality of being temporal.

The abandoned gas station/desert works address this state of existence as a physical ruin of a time gone by that remains as a stain upon the desert landscapes along our major highways. When I visit these sites to take reference photographs, I’m always surprised about how haunted they feel–as if the echo of past events still lingers within their walls. They also bring back memories spent traveling these roadways and fueling up, perhaps at these very stations. I think of how my memories, although seemingly real and vivid, have been rewritten within my mind a dozen or more times. Considering that they are the only souvenirs left from my childhood, the fleeting nature of our existence really hits home to me.

The urban cityscapes address another aspect of our temporal existence: they represent the material world and all that is worldly while relating to or being limited by time. The scenes they depict are merely millisecond moments within one’s life that often times aren’t given much consideration in our haste to get from point A to point B.

Artist Statement
My work reflects the fragility and ephemeral nature of reality while documenting
the passage of time. It is a weave of written language, visual iconography,
figurative elements, and non-representational abstraction. The intention is to
reflect the multifaceted nature of reality. Reality is defined as the interaction of
the individual in relation to his or her environment, both of which are changing
every second. Every living moment, we think and interpret events as they occur;
we are influenced by memories or mental pre-dispositions to the extent that no
single event exists completely in and of itself. I address this perception of reality
within my art.

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