Opening Reception:
Friday, May 18 from 6-9pm.

Is there no wild left? No place or species left untouched by humanity? “The End of Wild” addresses the topic of “wild” through a collection of artist’s works that explore man’s closeness to nature, species selection, and our coexistence within evolving landscapes. “The End of Wild” presents a wide range of media including works in photography, public art, installation, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media.

In the exhibition, media artist Lauren Strohacker places advertisements in newspaper classified ads with arbitrary calls to nature; artist trio Unmanned Minerals displays strips of bark burned with poetic messages; and, Carolyn Lavender presents a new landscape drawing that questions the artificiality and objectification of nature. The exhibition also includes the work of The Department of Nocturnal Affairs (DNA), an organization aimed specifically at documenting glimpses of nature during the midnight hours.

Participating Artists:

Allison Alford
Carolyn Lavender
Lady Noise
Dominic Miller
Susannah Ray
Jeff Rau
Lauren Strohacker
Unmanned Minerals
Lisa Corine von Koch
Brandy Watts
Kelsey Vance
The Department of Nocturnal Affairs

Curated by Jeff Chabot

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Reviewed: Visual Art Source