“Living In the Shadows of the Border”
La Morena / Mata Ruda / Nick Oza
October 20 – November 11, 2017
Opening reception: Third Friday, October 20, 6-9pm
*Brief presentation by Puente Human Rights Movement at 8pm*
Artist reception: First Friday, November 3, 6-10pm


“Living in the Shadows of the Border” is an exhibit that focuses on exposing the harsh realities faced by migrants and their loved ones on a daily basis in the United States today. The show will explore contemporary immigration through the photo documentation of Nick Oza, the paintings and mural by La Morena and the large scale painting installation by Mata Ruda. For the past few years these three artists have publicly dedicated their energies towards spreading truths and raising awareness towards the ongoing migration crisis occurring in the United States. This show is a collection of that work displayed with the intention to show the injustices happening all around us and to provide an intimate space for contemplation and conversation regarding the issues that will hopefully assist in providing a path to change.

Nick Oza Artist Statement
Photography is a language of visual literature.

We are documenting history. With photography, illiteracy is irrelevant, as even those who cannot read can still understand. I would like to maintain a visual language for all people. Immigration stories are in my backyard knowing my community I know complex of family separation and anxiety of young DREAMers.

We as photographers have more value now than ever because society has started to understand the language of visuals. Visual language is the only language that can universally understand.

Winning is not everything. In life, learning is everything.

La Morena Artist Statement
My work for this exhibit is inspired by photos taken by Nick Oza. His work and dedication to capturing the behind scene regarding the border are extraordinary. We are in times of oppression. We are dealing with issues that take our human rights away. Rights that affect our community, family, friends and our neighbor. For our exhibit “Living in the Shadows of the Border”. I took pieces from Nicks’ photos and symbolically created a painting. In my paintings I incorporated birds that represent freedom, I also took a moment from his photos and enlarged it as a painting giving the viewer a sense of emotion.

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