“A History of Fresh Food in the Desert”
Part of the first annual Arizona Phototapas
January 17-February 15

Featuring the work of:
Jeremy Rowe
Gina DeGideo
Heather Gill

An exhibition of images relating to agriculture and food raised in Arizona.

“A History…,” as its name implies, spans the cultivation of food in the state of Arizona. Jeremy Rowe‘s early 20th century, pre-industrial archival images reflect the first taste of stable life in the area. Led by animals and simple machines, these hazy early shots illustrate a simpler time, barely rising above subsistence in laying the foundation for Arizona’s future growth. Gina DeGideo‘s images arrive from the collection of Howard Morrison, continuing the legacy of father Marvin Morrison‘s family farm, which brought with it the more factory-oriented, large-scale work of Arizona’s rapidly changing agricultural base, in the middle of the 20th century, concurrent with the state’s suburban explosion. Finally, Heather Gill‘s crystal-clear shots offer a closer look at what food means to Arizona’s present. Gill’s work connects the dots, and shows how, even today, the planting, harvesting, and preparation of food remains integral to the character of the state.

About PhotoTapas:
PhotoTapas celebrates the art of photography in Arizona during the month of February. This annual event showcases the work of Arizona’s finest photographers and photography organizations, and the philosophies and processes they employ to create and exhibit exceptional works of photography.

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