March 19th-April 10th

A new exhibition of sensory work by Bob Adams and Janet Towbin at Modified Arts.

In the first exhibition of his work in Phoenix in several years, longtime Phoenix artist, Bob Adams, presents a new series of “Feathered Paintings.” Constructed of delicate, feather boas, the work creates a distinctly “present” experience for the viewer. Each piece uses the colorful and tactile media to develop painterly objects that provide a refreshing alternative to the flat, static jpegs that have become a regular part of the art viewing experience. The blending of color and natural movement in the feathered medium brims with irresistible appeal when experienced in person.

Janet Towbin’s works on paper from her series, Meditations on a Black Stone, are equally energetic in their layered complexity and reflection of light. The series presents a process-based display of obsessive mark-making. Each drawing is inspired by the artist’s meditative musings that are transmuted into layer upon layer of expressive graphite marks on paper.