What Are We Doing Here?
A photographic group exhibition

Curated by William LeGoullon
Opening Third Friday, July 19, 6-9p.m.
July 19-August 10

Closing reception First Friday, August 2, 6-10p.m.

David Michael Cook
Christopher Colville
Richard Laugharn
William LeGoullon
David Shannon-Lier

Traditionally the term desert has referenced a place that is deserted, without people, and unpopulated. However, now more than ever, the idea of an empty landscape is far less accurate. In 1982, Reyner Banham wrote in his book Scenes in America Deserta, “The ultimate definition of a true desert may yet prove to be concerned with the number and type of people present, and what they think they are doing there.” The artists in this exhibition are collectively concerned with understanding our complex desire to connect with this land. The question being asked, however, does not necessarily need answering. For it may be contemplation that instills curiosity, and provides experiential relationships, adaptations, and uncertainties about a desert that does not present answers with ease.

Gallery hours:
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday, 12-4p.m.
By appointment

Modified Arts
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