February 18th – March 12th, 2011

What Goes On and What Takes Place is a collaborative exhibition between 4 female artists, Sue Chenoweth, Carolyn Lavender, Monica Martinez, and Mary Shindell, that explores work and process, beginning to end. The four women, while differing vastly in artistic techniques, disciplines, and styles share wisdom and appreciation for life, art, and creativity. Ultimately, their individual stories are communicated by their discipline and medium of choice. While each artist’s body of work shares similarities in passion and practice, they are strikingly varied in personality and process.

The exhibition will include one monumental work by each artist, smaller supporting works, as well as bits and pieces of their individual processes.

All four artists live and work in Phoenix, Arizona as well-recognized and respected members of the Phoenix art community. Sue, Carolyn, and Mary all received their MFA’s from Arizona State University, while Monica achieved her Masters in Fine Arts at New Mexico State University.

Artist Roundtable Discussion: Saturday, February 26th, 1:30pm

Refreshments generously donated by

Bliss / reBAR