January 17th – February 15th, 2020

Edgar Fernandez, Miguel Angel Godoy, Estephania Gonzalez, & Sam Gomez

Opening Reception
January 17th, 2020
Closing Reception
February 7th, 2020

The concept of axis mundi can be found in many cultures across the planet. It is known as the cosmic center axis, the birthplace of the cosmos/self, and the pillar that connects the heavens, earth, and underworld. Mesoamerican cultures in particular used these symbolically charged sacred spaces as portals to communicate with the heavens and underworld.

Visual interpretations and the cultural functionality of the axis mundi varies widely from culture to culture and is often represented by a tree, a snake, a ladder, and many other forms. On a macro-cosmic level these forms represent the cosmological axis but their meaning also doubles in the microcosmic and can represent the self and the lower and higher levels of consciousness.

The birth, death, and the transition between is contemplated throughout by artists in AXIS MUNDI : BETWEEN TWO PLANES

Modified Arts proudly and emphatically brings together painters Edgar Fernandez and Miguel Angel Godoy, photographer and executive director of The Sagrado Sam Gomez, and interdisciplinary artist Estephania Gonzalez for an exhibition that collectively expands and reflects on their personal connection to the concept of axis mundi.

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