February 5- March 28, 2021

Ashley Baker, Asia Dorty, Brianna Noble, Zhane’l Speaks

Opening Reception
February 5, 2021
Closing Reception
February 19, 2021

Soul of a Woman presents Black womanhood through the lens of sexuality and identity by considering complex notions of beauty, masquerade, and vulnerability. Throughout history, the Black female body has been a source of capital for hegemonic powers in the form of servitude through labor or sex. In attempts to reconfigure the inherent erasure of the Black female body caused by systematic racism and sexism, the work of 4 artists present a narrative that disrupts traditional homogenous and patriarchal spaces through visual art, performance, and dance. Modified Arts invites you on Feb 5th to view a collaborative performance by Zhane’l Speaks and Ashley Baker  promptly at 6:30-7PM, the performance will take place inside our Gallery and will be only viewable from outside. Masks are mandatory