Molly Koehn + Crystal Gale Phelps
May 20 – June 11, 2016

Opening reception: Third Friday, May 20, 6-9pm
Closing reception: First Friday, June 3, 6-10pm

Modified Arts is proud to present the immersive, intricate works of Molly Koehn and Crystal Gale Phelps. While presenting different media and varied purposes in creating work, the two artists are united in compelling viewers to examine control—of our bodies and of our environments.

Molly Koehn presents work that is fundamentally environmental. Melding a practice of embroidery and sculptural installation, Koehn’s work examines natural systems, particularly the prevalence of “domination” in our dealings with the world around us. Koehn is currently pursuing an MFA at Arizona State University, with an emphasis in fiber arts, and her current bodies of work carry on the delicate, expressive qualities of her background and BFA in drawing. For this exhibition, Koehn’s embroidery literally combines organic (invasive plant species) and inorganic (steel and concrete) to showcase the way each fights for power. Koehn has exhibited in galleries across Arizona and Kansas.

Crystal Gale Phelps, then, presents her own physical body, both revealed and partially shielded from sight. While sharing primarily photographs, Phelps embeds herself in their production, sharing performance stills alongside the objects used to create them, and creating spare wood panel works, partially shielded by gold leaf (or is it vice versa?). The materials—whether body and furniture, gold leaf and panel—never fully reveal each other; each aspect is only part of the whole. The prime uniting thread is ontology: the study of being, becoming, reality. Pursuing her MFA currently at Maine College of Art, while based in her home of Toledo, OH, Phelps’ work reflection of place/non-place, and presence/non-presence is perhaps a representation of her own physical body’s presence/non-presence in each place in which she creates and resides. Phelps has exhibited in galleries and museums in Arizona, Ohio, and Arkansas.

For both artists, process is very clearly part of the manifestation of the final product. Though each artist’s works will be object-based, they build great narratives, giving viewers something to dig into as they maneuver through the exhibition.

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