Will Bruder Reimagines: Christine Cassano + Bill Timmerman

Christine Cassano + Bill Timmerman

“Respite.” – A Group Show

“You Weren’t There” Early Punk & New Wave in Phoenix

Karolina Sussland + Ryan “Buzzy” Sullivan

Jeff Falk + Chad Knapp

“Seeing Arizona: Independents’ Week”

Molly Koehn + Crystal Gale Phelps

Lisa Von Hoffner + Travis Rice

“Subsystems” – New Works by James Angel

Music Returns to Modified: North Brother Island + Tobie Milford for the Wurth House

Artists for the Wurth House – A Group Exhibition

“(Un)Intended Targets” – William LeGoullon

“Microcosms” – Recent Works by Thomas “Breeze” Marcus

Jonathan Howard “Disillusioned Insight”

Larry Kornegay + Bill Timmerman

“Further Still” John Adelman + “Words Are Meaningless” John Randall Nelson

“New Order” Joe Dal Pra + “Fragment” Sean Thomas

“Maybe Tomorrow, Darling” – A Group Exhibition Curated by Kara Roschi

Local First Arizona + Modified Arts Present: “Painted Skies” by Lisa Olson + Terry Pisel