Ryan Parra – Vivarium Foras + Emily Ritter – Polyflora

Prep Show

Varieties of the Illustrative Experience


Aaron Coleman: Dogs of Doom + Danielle Hacche: Coalescing Form & Focus

Korean Dreams

“(un)Familiar Faces” Sebastiao Pereira

redux: Sarah Hubbs/Will Bruder

It’s Only Natural

“Flat Rate Box”

Laura Amphlett + Ryan Barrett

“Living in the Shadows of the Border” – La Morena / Mata Ruda / Nick Oza

“To Live Without Borders” – Curated by Andrew Caruso

“Mixed/Internal” – Kenosha Drucker, Megan Koth, Josh Loeser

“Intensity (Not) Purity” – Samantha Rodriguez + Nicholas Gutierrez

“Turbulent Landscape” – Curated by Jeff Chabot

“Soy Americano: Perspectives of a First Generation” – Curated by Miguel Monzón

“A Guided Journey of Introspection” Jackie Andre Muhammed – Curated by Clottee Hammons

“Unity Through States of Being” – A Group Exhibition

Patrick Dean Hubbell “That Which Makes Up Space” + Jonathan Howard “Haunted”