Jonathan Howard “Lost in Transition” – October 17-November 15, 2014

Christine Cassano & Sean Thomas – September 19-October 11, 2014

Larry Kornegay & Bill Timmerman – A duo exhibition August 15-September 13

“Animal Party” Curated by Peter Bugg July 18-August 9

“Independents’ Week” Group Show June 20-July 12

“Patchwork Dreamscapes” – Scott Allison & Angela Cazel Jahn May 16-June 14

Perihelion Arts presents “Chimerical”

Asking for It: The Consent Project – Created and Performed by Chelsea Pace

“Twenty-Six” – An Art Detour 26 group show

PhotoTapas: “A History of Fresh Food in the Desert” January 17-February 15

A Little Religion In Your Shopping: A Group Show

Roaming With Abandon: Curated by Halt Gallery – November 15-December 14

“Temporal” New Works from Jonathan Howard

WE GOT POWER! A photography exhibition based on the book by David Markey and Jordan Schwartz

Larry Kornegay & Bill Timmerman – August 16-September 14

What Are We Doing Here? – July 19-August 10

Randal Wilson: Relax It’s Just Life – June 21-July 13

3CarPileUp – New Work from the Local Artists’ Collective May 17-June 15

The Sky Is Falling: A Group Exhibition about the Gravity of Things April 19-May 11

Mixed Messages: New work by Kristin Bauer and Emmett Potter March 15-April 13